All I want right now is to be able to sleep with the window open – not too hot, not too humid.. just a cool breeze all night long.

I have this sneaking feeling it’s just going to go from stinkin’ hot to falling snow with no stop in between for me to sleep blissfully.

Nice Thing For Myself #15.

I’m back at physiotherapy, hanging out with Vice Grip Hands, in the hopes of fixing my shoulder up.

Tiny Update.

As the summer makes its way toward autumn, we’ve started renovating our kitchen and dining room area. I am trying to stay focused on the end result and less attentive to the disaster that’s currently taking up a good portion of the house. It’s amazing how much time I spend in the kitchen, all things considered, and how cranky I feel about it being essentially off-limits.

The kids will be heading back to school shortly, which is always an adventure (shifting to a new schedule, remembering to sign papers, prodding about homework, etc.) but this summer has mostly been a wash for them anyway. We haven’t done anything, or gone anywhere, and now the house is all torn up – – so.. shifting to something other than playing video games and hanging out at the library is probably fine with them at this point.

And that’s that! I have nothing else to report at the moment.

Nice Thing For Myself #14.

Ice cream.

Nice Thing For Myself #13.

Friday is Canada Day (and a holiday!) so I took today off in order to have a lovely 4 day weekend. Sweeeeeeeeet.