Under The Wire.

So I have some of these “underwire bra” contraptions – the comfy kind, amazingly – and I seem to have encountered a problem.

Actually, it’s not a new problem. It’s just that this time around I’d like to solve the problem rather than just heading out to buy more bras (because, as you may have heard, I don’t really have time to hang out in a mall trying on 37 different bras to find the one that semi-fits).

The problem is that the wire part of the “underwire thing” has magically tunneled a hole in the material between my breasts.

And that wire likes to jab me in the breastbone, neck and, if I look down too quickly, my face.

Any suggestions? I’m open to almost anything that doesn’t involve duct tape.


  1. Annika says:

    I have a pile of useless bras on my bedroom floor with this very problem. LET ME KNOW. (Though really, duct tape seems like a good bet.)

  2. Kitty says:

    I sew mine up.

    yep – I’m a classy lady.

    • Annika says:

      I’ve tried that with no lasting success. What’s your secret?

    • Chicklet says:

      I was going to recommend this. Like Annika I have a pile of useless bras for this reason and because some of the hooks get turned wonky (that’s what I get for throwing them in the washer/dryer – I know I know). I’ve thought about sewing mine back up but it gets thrown in the “later” pile and there she sits lol

  3. MayB says:

    I usually get a piece of material and hand stitch it in place over the offending wire. This works for a while.

  4. SixThreeFive says:

    Just like May says, get a piece of material (something tough, like soft jeans or doublefolded cotton), and sew it over that edge by hand. It’ll take about 10 minutes, and four curses. Do it pre-emptively on both sides of each wire, on all bra’s. If they’re all ready broken, you can pull the wire out and dipp the ends in something that hardens, so that they wont be sharp, but blunt. Dunno what would do it though… regular paint, might?

    My sister had that problem with a bra she LOVED and she ended up sewing on a piece of soft leather (!), because the bra just Could Not Die On Her. *giggles*

    I’ve avoided that problem all together since I did three things: Started buying bras that actually fits (which means you need to watch or read a tutorial on them, at least it did for me, I’ve gone from thinking I needed a 80C, to knowing my size is 70D), bought quality brand name bras (I have three of the exact same bra, actually, in different sizes, a black Chanelle pushup that makes my tits look awsome) – they don’t have to be the €100 kind, mine are at about €40 a pop, and lastly, I quit washing them in the Machine of Bra and Sock Death. Handwashing a bra is soooo much better for it.

    Oh, and for godssake. Stop sleeping in them. I slept in my bras all the time, which made the wire start poing through faster, because of the preassure.

    • Andrew says:

      I was going to suggest leather.

      Another option could be (depending on how much time you want to devote to fixing your bra instead of searching for a new one) would be to add solder to the end of the wire to build up a blunt end, push it back into its place, and sew the sucker up.

      I will assume (not having had that much experience with bras, underwire or otherwise, myself) that this wire is way too thick to be able to easily bend over? If you can, create a small loop, push it back in, and then sew through the loop. Might help.

      Or, you could just let the dogs run wild. Yee-haw!

  5. Robyn says:

    I wonder if iron-on patch material would hold it, if you sewed it on well?

    I also keep meaning to try melting a hold in the end (I find they’re usually plastic) of the sharp bit so I could sew it in place through the hole, like a bead.

    (People sleep in bras?)

  6. Sylvain says:

    This is a most interesting discussion. I have soldering iron, maybe I can help. No?

  7. Katherine says:

    Mine poke out in the armpit side. Now, I just remove all underwires. I do without. I prefer the control of across the boob seaming.

  8. Gish says:

    hand wash only, drip dry. You do get to feel like you’re 20 for about 15 seconds everytime you see your underwear hanging on the shower curtain bar, and your kids will get a laugh.

    I think once the wire pops out, it’s a done deal and only a matter of time before you get sick of forgetting to stick that wire back down where it belongs.

    I used to sew it over, but it always comes back. Also, bras that fit are as hard to find as jeans that fit (for my ass, anyway). I think it’s a hit or miss about what you actually like. Like someone else said, if I find something, then I just buy multiple colours.

    I can’t imagine a bra *without* underwire. I’ll have to look next time.

  9. Carm says:

    oh my…. ! leather.. denim…. these, to me, would seem to bring on more irritation and frustration (not to mention ruin the look of those pretty lacy numbers)… than just pushing the little wire back into its housing when no one (HA!) is looking.
    This, of course, only applies if only one wire is trying to escape……… If both sides are poking through.. just yank those babies out… fling’em across the room… and let the puppies hang….

  10. melly says:

    I myself just chuck them.

    Hit up the store and quit whining about it! Your girls need as much attention as anything else. Just let the salesperson do all the work. I myself get a kick outta the looks on their faces when they see how massive my melons are!
    When I find one that fits, I buy it in all the colours.

    Your girls are worth it.

  11. melly says:

    Oh, and if you’re bringing little one, bring him to the changerooms (in his own room of course) with an armful of clothes for him and let him try on clothes to keep him busy while you tend to the girls.

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