When we decided to add a cat to our family back in December, our only concern real was whether said cat could merge into the lives of our dogs. Our family and home is not suited to a shy animal in the slightest, so we knew we needed to find a perfect fit.

Daisy, our black-lab-cross, is as sweet as can be. Not so bright, but very much loving. I wasn’t particularly concerned about her and the cat.

Zooey, our beagle.. well, let’s just say she’s very much a beagle and has the added bonus of temper tantrums, hissy fits and snarling-frothing-rage when she doesn’t get her way. She was our biggest concern.

When Jenn told me that she had a feisty foster cat who was in need of a home, I asked a few questions and I forwarded the info along to Coffee. We discussed it, asked Jenn what would happen if the dogs and cat didn’t get along (answer: the rescue agency would take her back) and.. then we picked up Ms. Isadore Von Fluffypants.

Jenn had assured us that the kitten was feisty and she was right. Itsy is not particularly a “lap cat” and is, instead, a holy terror (who’s also quite sweet when she’s sleepy..)

She leaps off of high objects and onto the dogs’ heads – on purpose.

She has no qualms about attacking a dog who walks by her – swatting at them and grabbing at their legs.

She does “ceiling cat” whenever I use the basement bathroom, drops into the room via the laundry tub, and then yowls around my ankles.

She attacks anything that moves – unless she’s asleep.

In fact, even when I wave goodbye to Coffee or the kids by the window, she’ll appear out of nowhere to maul my hand. (Because I had the audacity to move my hand, of course, and that’s just an invitation to ATTACK.)

And she’s obsessed with straws.

Living here has been good for that obsession because I prefer to drink everything with a drinking straw – I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, and that’s not important to this story.

Every time I set my drink down, the cat zips by in a flash and disappears with my straw. She’s quick! A big blur of fur flying through the air.

And she’s generally quite adept at straw removal, too. A few drops of liquid next to the cup is all the evidence she leaves behind.

Our house is littered with straws that she’s swiped from our cups, mugs and countertops. She plays with them for a bit and then, seconds later, abandons them as “no longer fun”.

The thrill is in the hunt, apparently.

I scoop up the straws, put them in the garbage, and the next day I find at least 4 more in weird places.

I made my lunch this afternoon, turned to put something in the fridge, turned back.. and the straw was gone from my glass. There was a small dribble of water beside it.

As soon as I placed another straw into the glass, the dogs needed to go outside (as evidenced by their dancing and whining) so I let them out and returned to.. no straw.

I put another straw in the glass and carried it over to the desk where I was working. The cat climbed onto my lap, purring and kneading my leg, and, as soon as I started petting her she leaped up, grabbed the straw and ran.


I really quite like our cat.


  1. Andrew says:

    I would just be way too tempted to tether a straw and see what happens. Of course, I’d probably be mauled for my efforts (or at least my laughing).

    Have you tried leaving out a decoy glass with a straw in it? Can you get it on video and upload it to :)

  2. Lena says:

    Best. Cat. Evar. Except when she routinely attacked my yarn. Then disappeared, poof! Repeat.

  3. The Blog Fodder says:

    What a live wire that cat is. Love how she attacks the dogs. Just what you need to add more life to your house. Hah.

  4. Sylvain says:

    I love it!! She sounds adorable. Miss Bailey likes mittens and socks. Basically things she can carry in her mouth. Often in the middle of the night, she will start meowing loudly and in an alarming way. Usually in the morning I will find a mitten or sock at the foot my bed. She had delivered a gift you see, and it needed to be announced. Loudly. At 3am.

    • Andrew says:

      Our female cat will go hunting whenever we’re not on the same floor as she is. Typically, her hunting includes pens, markers, pencils, but she’s also branched out into combs, small toys, and whatever else fits in her mouth. Weird animal.

  5. SixThreeFive says:

    :D Wonderful!

    We got two cats two days ago, btw. Disa: And Misha:

    They may just get three brothers in a few months, as well. Then we’ll have five ragdolls! Woho! Can life get better?

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