Scabby, New Tattoos.

Since it’s barely been 24 hours since the work was done, I was hesitant to post any pictures of my new tattoos. They’re scabby and the eyes of the ravens are not yet popping out (because they’re scabby) and did I mention that they’re, well, scabby?

But I can’t resist. The bandages came off and I admired them a whole lot and Coffee took pictures for me this evening. So now I’m shaaaaaring. :)

Ramona Quimby - upper right bicep, about 7" tall.

Ramona Quimby - upper right bicep, about 7 inches tall.

Ramona has long been my (literary) hero. She’s quirky and opinionated and funny and, as a kid, I wanted to be like her. I even swore that if I had a daughter I’d name her Ramona. To have her tattooed on my arm makes me crazy-happy.

Every time I look at her yelling face I smile.

3 Ravens to symbolize 3 Boys.

3 Ravens to symbolize 3 Boys.

I chose ravens to represent the boys because of their intelligence and mischievous nature (both the boys AND ravens). Each boy picked out an eye colour and I let Borden, the tattoo artist, determine which bird was given which eye colour (so no one could claim I was favouring one kid by putting his eye colour on top!). They chose red, purple and blue for the eyes.

It will take some time before the eye colours are really vivid – the tattoos are (did I already mention this?) scabby and so it’s hard to get a good non-shiny-scabby picture.

For some reason, I’m really compelled to get black ink tattoos with very little (or no) colour. I may change that in the future and decide to colour in Ramona’s sweater or shoes or something. For now, though, I like the simplicity of the black lines.

I am insanely pleased with how both of these tattoos turned out and I’m grateful to Borden at Stigmata for doing the work. I can’t wait to get in there for the next one in July!

I’ll post more photos when I’m fully healed and you can see the end result, of course.


  1. Annika says:

    OMG! Those are so insanely excellent.

    I like black tattoos too. I’d like to get a hint of color at some point, but I really dig the look of black. (Plus it’s neat to see how it fades on each individual person.)

  2. sal says:

    Gorgeous!!!!!! I love black ink tattoos. The Ramona one makes me happy, too!

  3. Willow NyteEyes says:

    I didn’t recognize Ramona… since you’ve been using that pic as an avatar I just think of that drawing as “Violet”. It fits you. :)

    The ravens are really neat. I love dark & well done black tattoos you can actually feel on the skin.

  4. Kitty says:

    WOW – they look awesome! Love them!

  5. Alison says:

    They are awesome!

  6. Kate says:

    So fun! The three ravens are a gorgeous tribute to the boys.

  7. Chris says:

    I dunno, they don’t look too scabby to me… ;)

  8. SewDucky says:

    How funny, I stumbled on this looking for something close to the one I got on Tues, but I haven’t been near a camera to take my own.

    Awesome tat! (Might be because I have the same Ramona one).

  9. Rhi says:

    I’ve been wanting that Ramona picture as a tattoo for so long! I’m going to get it as a birthday present to myself. Do you know which book it is from? I need to get a decent copy of the art to bring in. Thanks! Yours looks great!!

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