Mouth Orgasm.

This morning I ate a hand full of *still warm* dried apple slices – some with cinnamon and some plain – and I’m pretty sure my head exploded with happiness. Apples! Cinnamon! Chewy and tasty!

I followed it up with a delightful breakfast of homemade spicy, crunchy, sweet summer rolls that were leftover from yesterday. (They’re even better the second day when the filling has had time to.. fill.. or.. something.) I love how easy they are to make – soft little envelopes of crispy veggies and whatever else we toss in for flavour..

Tonight’s dinner is extra-spicy tempeh wingz (using our usual variance on the recipe part-way down this page). A big, happy salad on the side.

We’re starting dried pineapple rings today, too.

You are hereby notified that I will be unable to attend school this week – none of my clothes will fit and I’ll be too busy making “nom” noises.



  1. Kate says:

    What are summer rolls?

  2. Kate says:

    D’oh! My fault for getting caught up on multiple posts backwards…

  3. Jo says:

    I’m coming over.

    No seriously, I’m coming over. HAHA I have a big package of Bust magazines Am wanted to give you and we really ought to get together before I move an hour farther east (LOL) and I can eat up all your dried apples.

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