Food for Thought for Your Weekend.

There is a ‘rule’ out there that it’s okay (read: not creepy) to have sex with someone who is half your age plus 7 years.

Since I’m turning 35 in a few months, this rule would mean that I could sleep with someone who is around 24. (35 divided by 2 + 7)

Assuming someone who was 24 wanted to sleep with me, I mean.

Until returning to school and hanging out with a lot of 24 year olds, I would have thought that to be a perfectly reasonable calculation.

Now, however, I realize that there are very few 24 year olds with whom I could get naked without first needing to duct tape their mouth shut. They’re pretty, yes, but ohmygodshutup. I was the same when I was 24, so don’t think I’m being judgey here. I like many of these people in a friendly way – my sexual attraction to them is exactly zero.

So, take your age. Divide it in half and add 7. Would you want to have The Sex with that person?


  1. R. says:

    Yes. Over and over and over and…

  2. Kitty says:

    I’m with you. Duct tape. Shut up. Get to work. Thank you – get out.

    And then back to the real loves who help with the laundry.

  3. Sylvain says:

    NO! Been there. No no NO. It isn’t worth the torture of endless stupid conversations.

  4. dave says:

    Ummm, yeah!
    (Sylvain – she asked sex, not a relationship). I’ve recently found myself in a situation where I’m routinely in the presence of a group of women half my age and younger… so again, yeah. But I agree with Sylvain in that I wonder… was I that stupid and pointless at that stage in my life?

  5. Blog Fodder says:

    Sounds like you have the makings of a Cougar, Violet. Half my age plus seven would be about 38 to 40. Not bad but 50 to 55 would be better. What about these 60 year olds with 25 year old playthings. Duct tape or diamonds to shut them up?

  6. Kelly says:


  7. violet says:

    My other thought, even ignoring conversation, is that if I’m having The Sex with a younger guy, there’s a really good chance he does not yet REALLY know what he’s doing. The older a guy gets, the more practice he’s likely to have had – and the more adventurous and skilled and.. ooookay, I need to go maul Coffee now.

    • R. says:

      I’d filter for people who are actually passionate about the act and interested in learning. I wouldn’t engage the pump/grunt/dumpers or the cold fish.

      When I was recently in college I met several wonderful women that age who, had I not been married, I would have pursued.

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