GiST2 – 140 and 141/365

  1. Ice cream. Chocolate mint chip and/or rainbow (bubble gum, grape and blue raspberry swirls!). Both delicious and happy-making!
  2. We made some Skittles Vodka on Saturday.
  3. Nail polish is on sale, 50% off, at one of the local pharmacies. ALL brands, including my usual cheap stuff!
  4. I love love love love love my purple hair. LOVE IT.
  5. Running errands, as a family, without wanting to kill any of the children.
  6. The Sex. Who doesn’t love The Sex?
  7. And speaking of love, my husband is awesome. And he loves me, too!
  8. I made some really good Amish (very sweet) bread. The kids loved it. Oldest One said it “tastes like cake” and he’s right!
  9. We have latex gloves again so I can stop using ziploc bags for washing my hair.
  10. Sunshine. I never seem to get tired of sunshine..

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  1. Michelle Parker says:

    See now, I wish I had know how much my hair would bleed when I washed it. I used gloves to dye it, but didn’t think about the washing. My poor hands. I also didn’t think about the parent and tot swimming lessons that I signed up for. I look super sexy with my bathing cap and my old lady tankini.

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