Let’s Make Yogurt!

This is the Braun yogurt maker we'll be using to make yogurt!

Take the main lid off and remove the individual lids from the glass cups. Wash everything well, and set the lids aside.

4 cups of milk will be heated in the microwave. We want it to reach over 100F and then we'll cool it for a bit.

Stir the heated milk and watch the temperature. When it's about 101F, we're ready to make yogurt!

Plain, unsweetened, no-gelatin, yogurt is used for our starter. Once we have our own yogurt made, we can reserve some with which to make future batches! We need 1/4 cup added into the 100F milk. Bloop it in and stir well (not pictured)!

Once the yogurt is mixed into the warmed milk, we'll pour it into the little cups. I use a funnel for this.

When all of the cups are filled, put them into the base of the Braun unit. Note that they're full almost to the top - the yogurt doesn't expand, so we want to use up all the space we can! Don't put the little caps on.

Put the lid onto the unit and plug it in. The little red light will turn on and you'll soon see some condensation form on the lid. Leave it for 6 hours, minimum, in a spot where it won't be bumped or jostled.

After 6 hours, the mixture has firmed up and looks like.. yogurt. The longer it 'cooks' the more tart the flavour. I like the taste best at around 7 hours.

The yogurt is firm enough that you can tilt the cup a bit and see very little liquid movement.

Put clean caps on each little cup of yogurt. Press them down firmly.

Place all of the yogurt into the fridge as quickly as you can. They need to sit in there for a few hours to chill out and firm up a bit more.

After a few hours (or the next morning), grab a bowl, some jam (or other flavouring) and a little cup of yogurt. Mix 'em together.

Strawberry yogurt is my favourite. Nom nom! You can also use maple, instant coffee, brown sugar, cinnamon, apple syrup, or just add a bit of sugar and vanilla!


  1. ~ Teresa ~ says:

    Mmmm! Looks yummy! I wonder something though… Can you make yogurt with Soy milk? Just curious… I know that it doesn’t work to make instant pudding with Soy Milk!

  2. Dylan says:

    That’s so cool. I make yogurt with the same yogurt maker! My favorite thing to do afterwards is strain it with cheese cloth to get a denser Greek-style yogurt. It lessens your yogurt but the texture is so nice!

  3. Nkem says:

    How do you turn it on please? I noticed there is something at the back (where the cord comes out from) you can press down. Is that where to turn it on?

    • violet says:

      My yogurt maker doesn’t require a switch – it turns on as soon as I plug it into the wall. The light comes on at the front.

  4. Bernie says:

    How many minutes in the microwave? ??

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