Spring Cometh. Perhapseth it Will Bringeth Blog Postings.

I haven’t written much here in a while for a variety of reasons that boil down to: I have no time; I have no energy; I need to maintain confidentiality around my clients and my job and, so, I can’t tell you most of the stories that I want to tell you.

Work is busy and fills up every drop of my working hours – unlike (many) jobs I’ve had in the past. At one of my jobs I recall spending almost my entire 8.5 hours of ‘work’ emailing Coffee and my friends and still doing my assigned tasks more than adequately. My current job, however, is the opposite: I work and I work and I feel like I’m doing an okay-ish job but there aren’t enough hours to do it better, or more, and I don’t even come close to keeping up with my personal correspondence and my house is a mess.

My existence can probably be best described, lately, as playing a part in other people’s stories. A small part. I haven’t done much in my life, lately, that’s interesting enough to report here (not that that’s ever stopped me from blogging before) but the narratives I’m hearing, and seeing, are a thousand times more interesting. But not my stories to tell.

Spring is coming and Spring always brings with it a huge craving for change. New things to do and new things to experience and new adventures are all a big part of the crisp clean season of growth and sunshine and fresh air. I have no idea how I’ll accommodate that urge this year; suggestions are absolutely welcomed here.

Bonus points if it gives me something that I can actually write about here. Double bonus points if it can be done in jammas.

I suspect the urge to blog about random things will return, at some point, and you’ll get a flood of posts in a row from me. Right now, though, I can’t think of a single thing to say.


  1. Bert says:

    Hummmh, adventure; excitement.
    A Jedi does not crave these things…

    You are reckless…

    And Yes, it can be done in jammas!

  2. Be good to read more of you but keep your priorities in order as you have done. We can wait. But don’t forget bunny stories and pictures.

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