GiST3 – 9 &10/365

(It’s not a good sign that I’ve already missed a day, huh?)

  1. Wings for dinner are never a bad idea.
  2. I sold some of my grandfather’s coins – finally.
  3. A Monarch butterfly hanging around our house.
  4. Inappropriate laughter. It cures nearly everything, I think.
  5. Playing ‘tug-o’-war’ with Daisy and knowing she’s humouring me by pulling more gently than she does with Coffee.
  6. Warm cat belly on my feet.
  7. Coffee picked up my library books for me so I didn’t have to put on pants.
  8. Wildly weird dreams.
  9. I have not grown tired of my NOFX playlist despite listening to it every single weekday, and some weekends, for the past month. (But I really should get around to making another playlist or two.)
  10. My daily glass of orange juice.

One comment

  1. Sylvain says:

    “….so I didn’t have to put on pants.”

    Reason enough for most men to do anything for their significant other.

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