Let’s Move It.

A house on our street has gone up for sale. This has caused me to repeatedly look for the listing (online) and then start looking at other listings in the area.

(Then I look in Northern BC because, well, who doesn’t want to live there?)

The houses that appeal to me in my city are the ones that require some ridiculous amount of renovating/repair/rebuilding or that are in a completely rundown part of town. Or both. Nothing makes me happier than a scary neighbourhood and a house that requires $50K in repairs to make it habitable.

Apparently it’s not enough that half of my clients live in my neighbourhood – I want them to be squatting in the basement of my new home and refusing to get out.

Also: apparently I’m afraid of pulling down some wallpaper to find a hole in the wall of my reasonably-okay home – but the idea of needing to rip down entire walls to evict a feral possum family is no biggie!

I don’t even understand myself.


  1. Michelle Parker says:

    I love houses like that too. Then I remember how much Dave hates them, and how living in my old house was a sore point. So I make do with my mid-century bungalow.

  2. Chz says:

    “Then I look in Northern BC because, well, who doesn’t want to live there?”

    *raises hand*
    Friend of mine was a Mountie up there for a few years. I suppose it would be possible to pay me enough to live there, but only temporarily. The crime rate makes Vancouver look like a haven.

  3. Sylvain says:

    Do NOT buy someone else’s problem. Just don’t.

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