Hump Day is Info Day.

We walked the agent through the house tonight, pointing out areas where we wanted his advice – like the stairs (should we sand and paint them or should we carpet them?) and colours for repainting walls (neutrals, right?) and similar questions. Over all, his feedback was positive – the work we need to do is mostly cosmetic and simple. He’s going to get back to us on Wednesday with info about selling; he needs to check market value of similar homes, etc.

In the meantime, he gently broke the news that the other house has an offer and that the owner has accepted the offer. There are some reasons why that offer might fall through (it’s got some conditions on it) but, well, it’s still an offer.

(Offer, offer, offer.. the word has lost all meaning.)

I was, however, significantly cheered by his walk-through of our house – we could easily have it in selling condition within a month (if we worked hard on it) without spending a huge amount of money. And, if the other house isn’t available, there’s no reason why we couldn’t take a few less-hurried months to work on it.

That said, I haven’t seen any other available houses that I actually like – at least, not in the combination of appropriate price range + location + things-I-want-in-a-house. So, if we couldn’t get this one, we’d be in absolutely no rush to sell our place at all – we’d probably wait until Oldest One leaves home. Then again, once Oldest One leaves home, we’ll be less crowded here and the two younger kids could have their own rooms anyway. Maybe we wouldn’t want to move, then?

After Wednesday, when we have some info, we’ll have one part of the puzzle and, on May 1st, we’ll have the 2nd part of the puzzle. Then we’ll either commence the various tasks around our house for the purpose of selling it – or continue doing what we’re doing with the plan to live in it for a few more years.

I am still not a fan of delayed gratification – in this case, I just want info NOW and I want to make a decision NOW and I want to know what’s coming up NOW.


  1. Andrew says:

    When we saw the house we’re in now, there was an offer on it. Said offer fell through, obviously, and we’re there now. Patience. (I know, I know, this is you, but still…)

  2. coffee says:

    I’m also pretty sure that the agent said that hump day was the soonest that we might hear; as opposed to when we’d hear. But I guess we’ll find out.

  3. Kelly M says:

    The first offer on my house also fell through. Buyer couldn’t get the financing.

  4. Dave says:

    START YOUR RENOVATIONS NOW! HURRY! OK, I’m just feeding your manic state.

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