GiST3 – 16 & 17/365

  1. I did not die from having my photo taken at work today.
  2. My pink and black messenger back makes me happy when I see it.
  3. Health benefits, through work, means that I don’t pay for my prescriptions.
  4. The kids don’t mind eating sandwiches for dinner.
  5. Two of the kids have been really patient about the bathroom re-painting process.
  6. This photo makes me happy.
  7. The Sex.
  8. The little violet (plant) that I almost killed appears to be surviving and growing some new leaves.
  9. I wore my pearlescent Doc Marten boots yesterday. (They are a very pale mauve-y lavender colour and I’ve had them over a decade and I don’t wear them very often.)
  10. Lip balms, lip gloss, chapsticks.. all good.


  1. Michelle Parker says:

    Is that why you wore makeup? You know you’re going to look back at that photo and think that it’s entirely unlike you.

    • violet says:

      Well, here’s the thing. When I wear makeup, I become convinced that it’s over-done and that I look.. whorish. I get self-conscious and weirded out and feel really, really conspicuous.

      In actuality, my version of ‘wearing makeup’ involves a tiny bit of mineral powder foundation (that doesn’t hide much of anything but sort of evens things out a bit), tinted chapstick, and eyeliner. Maybe the slightest hint of eyeshadow if I’m feeling crazy.

      So, when I look back at this photo, I’ll either not be able to see ANY difference or I’ll think, “Huh, that looks okay!”

  2. Michelle Parker says:

    Wow. All I own is eyeshadow.

    • violet says:

      You don’t own chapstick?! :)

      • Michelle Parker says:

        No. I keep buying it, and keep losing it. And then I complain miserably about my dry lips.

        • violet says:

          I literally – no word of a lie – have a bowl of chapsticks on my desk. And some in my desk at work. And some in my car. And in Coffee’s car. I have one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom, one in the bathroom – and, when they go on sale, I buy them and keep them in the cupboard. I am SERIOUS about chapstick.

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