This is marvelous at summing up many of my thoughts.

There’s a big difference between the occasional lateness – because, after all, shit happens – and the rude, awful, show-up-whenever bullshit that some people do.


  1. Kelly M says:

    I’m lucky, I guess. All my friends are punctual like me!

  2. Shannon says:

    OMG – My feeling exactly. Late one in a while, OK, I can deal with. Late every single time we invite you over, not cool. This is a total pet peeve of mine.

    In fact, I have backed off being friends with someone in the past year for this very reason. She showed up at my kid’s birthday party with her daughter an hour late. An hour! She lives across the street! Her excuse? “Well, Cindy was still napping at 3:50 (the party started at 4pm), so I laid down for a quick nap and time got away from us”. Really, you laid down for a nap 10 minutes before the party and couldn’t even bother to call me? Needless to say, that little girl has not been invited to the party this year.

    A few years earlier, before we had kids, we actually told this same women (and her husband) that our dinner party started an hour before we actually wanted them there because we knew they would be late. That friendship finally because too much to bear and I’ve given up.

  3. Kelly M says:

    A friend of mine once asked me to be her sounding board or “reality check” after a conversation with another friend. She asked me, “Do you believe that being late is a ‘f__ you’ on some level?” I said, “Yes, I do.” She, by the way, is chronically late. It’s passive aggressive. I would have done the same thing Shannon did… discontinue friendship with the chronically late friend.

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