Spider Monkeys.

Last night, thanks to Andrew, we took Maymo and Middle One to a local place for their first official attempt at rock climbing. In the past, they’ve both tried it at the fair – on the little portable wall – and both enjoyed it very much.

After some initial nervousness, and some false-starts, both of them quickly got into the whole activity. They attempted (and failed) a bit. They retried a few times. And then they got crazy and climbed up some really high walls, with Andrew belaying for them. They got blisters and sore arms and, in short, had a really good time.

(I found the entire thing to be anxiety-provoking. By the time we were driving home I was completely exhausted from using all of my mental energy keeping the kids from plunging to their deaths. That’s right – it wasn’t the ropes or the pulleys or Andrew keeping the kids safe. It was sheer will on my part. It’s okay to laugh at me – Coffee does, regularly.)

We offer the kids the opportunity to participate in one activity per season – they choose it, they commit to doing it for the length of the particular activity (usually about 10 weeks), and then they can decide if they want to do it again, or not. (Swimming lessons are mandatory.)

Middle One had a great time but is going to continue with paintball once per week – he thinks he’d like to go rock climbing once in a while, though.

Maymo declared, last night, that he wants to make rock climbing his Winter activity.

I am going to need a big fat prescription for sedatives, I think.


  1. Andrew says:

    Sedatives? No. You need to PARTICIPATE! Yes, get those stubby T-Rex arms working on that bouldering wall! Yes. That will cure ALL.

  2. Michelle Parker says:

    So this is why Andrew is your hero!! I need a hero like that. And yes, get those stubby arms working!!

  3. violet says:

    I would not mind attempting it but.. my shoulder/neck issues would quickly become a problem, despite the “use your legs more” instructions. That and my crippling fear of heights, I mean.

  4. Dave says:

    “Stubby T-Rex arms”

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