Menu Planning – Jan 27 to Feb 02

Sunday – Thai turkey meatloaf with yellow rice and veggies
Monday – Scrambled eggs and toast (1)
Tuesday- Spinach lasagna roll-ups (2)
Wednesday – Easy Pad Thai
Thursday – Purritos (3)
Friday – pizza
Saturday – Chicken nuggets and veggies (4)

(1) I am working this evening. The kids and Coffee will eat this while I’m gone and then I’ll eat something else when I get home.
(2) I am still kind of giddy after my first attempt at boiling lasagna noodles, so I’m making this recipe again!
(3) Coffee makes homemade burritos and calls them “purritos”. On this evening, he’s teaching Middle One how to make them.
(4) Coffee found a good deal on frozen white-meat nuggets. On Saturdays, Maymo goes rock climbing, so we need a quick meal to eat earlier than usual.


  1. Coffee says:

    1) she’ll get an omelette sandwich made by me.

    3) do an image search for purrito

  2. Michelle Parker says:

    Now I want an omelette sandwich for breakfast. Darn you Coffee!!

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