Under the Weather.


This is totally how I feel today. Stupid cold.

Yesterday I had a (theoretically) really important meeting to attend and then was home for a brief chunk of time before heading to an evening outreach thing. During the evening portion, I felt like I was barely conscious. My poor coworker had to do all the heavy lifting.

Between afternoon and evening I spent some time lying on the floor with Daisy. She’s very comforting when I’m feeling unwell – – and there’s no chance I’m going to transfer my germs to her, unlike my family members, so it’s perfectly safe to snuggle up with her. A bit lumpy and fidgety as a pillow, but warm and soft.

Dog Pillow

Today I’m staying home for the day. We have a meeting this evening and I need to be at least somewhat alert for it, so I’m going to work from home and maybe take a nap. And drugs. Lots of drugs.

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