I Slept Late This Morning.

I had a bunch of people over last night to play Cards Against Humanity. It was awesome – both the game (SO inappropriately hilarious) and the guests. I think everyone arrived around 7:30 and no one left before 1:30, so we clearly had a good time.

I got to bust out my margarita maker. We had daiquiris and margaritas. I offered up samples of my various flavoured vodkas. We made a few mixed drinks.

I got to bake a bunch of stuff and make assorted snacks. We had hummus with veggies, fruit salsa with graham crackers, Bailey’s Irish Cream brownies, lemon crinkles (that didn’t crinkle), and oatmeal cookies with raisins.

Good times. Good times. I can’t wait for next month.


  1. Sylvain says:

    I suspect my invitation was misplaced. Next months party may coincide with my visit to your area. Or at least be close enough to sample some leftovers. :-)

  2. Michelle Parker says:

    I’m a little gleeful that you’re actually doing social things. With other people. In person.

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