Tuesdays are Good.

Tuesday mornings are starting to become rather precious to me – I am often flexing my time, wandering around in jammas after everyone has left for school and work. This morning I made myself some toast with cheese, ate some yogurt, and plunked myself down in front of the internet to catch up on my feeds and Facebook and other assorted bits and pieces. It’s been lovely so far.

Yesterday was one of those “good news, bad news” days. In the morning I got to an outreach location and saw the end result of a break-in on the property – a huge mess (bad). The windows had already been repaired and the locksmith had been called, but I wasn’t able to do my job the way I normally do (bad). I ended up having to drive all over the place looking for a backpack to use and made panicked, nearly-hysterical phone calls to my coworker (who was trying to enjoy his own morning off and, I’m sure, was totally thrilled with my 80 voice mails and text messages that could all be summed up as, “OH GOD, SOMETHING IS DIFFERENT AND I CAN’T COPE, CALL ME BEFORE I IMPLODE.”) (bad)

But out of that came some good time spent with other coworkers and some supplies made up. (Good)

When I got in my car, however, I backed into a wall and scraped my bumper. That sucked. (bad)

Then an afternoon delivery to a client (good), followed by a whopping 15 minutes for dinner (bad), then out for evening outreach (good). We capped the night off with another home delivery (neutral).

Home (good), and in my jammas (good), by around 8:30.

It was busy (good). It was exhausting (bad).

So, the quiet in my house this morning is nice.

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  1. Michelle Parker says:

    And I was out. All day.

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