Apparently it was NOT a good idea for me to mow the lawn yesterday because by last night all of my ribs were in agony and this morning it isn’t much better. Duh.

So now I’m forced to spend (hopefully just a few) days not doing anything to further antagonize my ribs and, hey, do you know how many things you do every day that basically antagonize your ribs? ALL THE THINGS.


(But I really enjoyed mowing the lawn anyway.)


  1. Dave says:

    Hear ya. Did some yard work today, most exertion I’ve done since the heart went wack last year. I think I’m dead – because it certainly seems that rigor mortis has set in. Not looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. Sylvain says:

    I enjoy hearing you say “mowed the lawn”. I am twelve.

  3. I have been whacking down brush and high grass. After too many months (years??) of idleness, a couple hours wears me out. Mowing the lawn used to be fun, though.

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