I have a pie crust cooling in the fridge right now and, shortly, I’ll fill that pie crust with strawberries and brown sugar and sour cream (I am somewhat suspicious of this) and then I’ll bake it.

Remember how scared I was of making a pie? I am so totally over that, now!

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at making eclairs using this recipe. I used a mocha frosting recipe for the top (because Coffee really likes that) and, after I added the flour and mixed it up, I put the entire thing into my stand mixer before adding the eggs. Otherwise, I just followed the instructions – using piping tips attached to ziploc bags for the pastry and for the filling.

SO EASY! It was like magic watching them puff up. Coffee said they were the best eclairs he’s ever had and Maymo enjoyed them very, very much. They really DO seem super-duper fancy and they really ARE super-duper easy to make.

What’s next? What ridiculous thing should I attempt to make?


  1. Shannon says:

    I finally tried that pie crust recipe a few weeks ago and it was great! And other than the issue I’m about to mention, it was easy. My only problem was that I don’t own a food processor, so I had to do it by hand using a pastry blender. I told my husband that if I’m going to keep making this recipe, he’s going to buy me a food processor.

    I love eclairs, so maybe it’s time to try those.

    • violet says:

      The first time I tried to make pie crust (many, many years ago) I used a pastry blender and it was awful. I think that scared me away a bit! For this, at least, you wouldn’t even need a very powerful food processor – you could get away with a cheaper one since you don’t need much horsepower. ;)

      Make the eclairs – they are SO easy that it’ll boggle your mind. Seriously. You can apparently use the same choux pastry to make funnel cake, too. Which, y’know, is probably something I should try soon.

  2. Suzy Homemaker Award time

  3. Dave says:

    Happy Canada Day! I think next you should go for Key lime pie. Just saying…

    • violet says:

      I love Key Lime Pie – but it’s really difficult to find Key Limes in this area. They’re usually sort of icky looking. If I find a good one, however, I’ll let you know – and you can start driving in this direction to share with me!

  4. Rebs says:


  5. Bert LeBrun says:

    The thing is, you can éclair any flavour into eclairs, but remember: “orange juice, cofee, chocolate” let the solo of guitar flavour lead you!

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