This long weekend has been spectacular on the ‘getting things done’ front – we repainted shutters, weeded gardens, plotted the butterfly garden (and ordered soil for delivery), started the process of filling the cracks in the driveway, tidied up the garage a bit, tidied up the deck a bit, did plenty of laundry, trimmed garden edges, watched Bob’s Burgers episodes, ate lots of pizza, mowed the lawn, got groceries, untangled the Solstice lights from the front shrubbery, ate some slice of an orange creamsicle cake thingie..

Coffee has to work tomorrow and Wednesday, but he’s off on Thursday and Friday with me. We’re going to eat sushi on one of those days, work on the butterfly garden more (moving the soil into place and, if we’re lucky, planting some of the flowers!), and hopefully watch more Bob’s Burgers.

I love love love that we’re getting some of the outdoor stuff done before it’s 900 degrees and neither of us want to go out there during daylight hours to do anything other than swim or BBQ meats.

Something tells me that Coffee is a little bit grateful to be heading back to work tomorrow, however, so he can get a bit of respite from all the heavy lifting. I’ll go get my pedicure (fuchsia? grape? blue?) and then perhaps I’ll do a bit of tidying up in our bedroom/office (or maybe I’ll just read a book?).

All Hail Long Weekends And Vacations!

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