Nice Thing For Myself #12.

Coffee trimmed my hair – fairly significantly – and added in some “texture” and I am truly delighted by how it turned out. It’s so light! So easy to deal with! So fast to wash! (Okay, so this ‘nice thing for myself’ was really a ‘nice thing by Coffee’, but it’s MY HEAD so I’ll claim it.)


  1. ~ Teresa ~ says:

    No picture? I bet it does look very nice…. I am trying to grow my hair out some. I got a bug last year and cut it short.

    • violet says:

      I posted one for you. I don’t know why I didn’t add it to the original post, but, well, there we go! Good luck growing your hair out – it seems to take forever, doesn’t it?

      • ~ Teresa ~ says:

        It sure does…. I hope that I make it past the summer heat and not being able to make a ponytail look decent yet… Your hair is very pretty!

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